Rupayan Valley-1 @ Demra

Rupayan Green Paradise

Bangladesh is a green Land Country. Day to day we are lost our beautification for noise of people, Traffic jam, cutting green tree in Dhaka city. ¬†So we’re striving for the best environment to a certain extent, to the construction of residential and commercial buildings were gifts for peaceful plots. Hence we are getting to start our new project name of ‚ÄúRUPAYAN Green Paradise‚ÄĚ.

RUPAYAN Green Paradise is the combination of your desire and ability of the best locations in the city, where you can purchase affordable commercial and residential peaceful plots. You can purchase a plot of RUPAYAN Green Paradise to full long-cherished dream of living in the capital. We’d be proud to meet your dream partner.

Rules and Regulation


First come first serve basis on the plots sell.

The payment will be completed within 30 days after the booking money  for the one time payment.

30% payment will be completed within one month after the booking money for installment plot salling.

The check/ bank Draft/ pay order must be paid by the name of Rupayan Land Development Ltd.

The Plot will be transfer depending on your payment by the agreement and registration will be done.

Stamps documents, Duty, registration fees, VAT, documentation charges, and the other cost will carry on clients for registration and transfer of plots.

Location map of Rupayan Green Paradise









Present View of Rupayan Green Paradise