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Rupayan Mohanagar

Rupayan Mohanagar, Sylhet

Sylhet also known as¬†Jalalabad¬†and “City of¬†Hazrat¬†Shah Jalal”; is a major¬†urban center in north-east Bangladesh. It is one of the richest cities of Bangladesh. ¬†It is the principal city and administrative capital of¬†Sylhet Division. The city is located on the banks of¬†Surma River¬†in the¬†Surma Valley¬†and has a population of 2,500,000 people, making it the third largest city in Bangladesh. The city is home to the¬†mausoleums¬†and mosques of¬†Shah Jalal (R)¬†and¬†Shah Farhan (R), revered Sufis¬†of¬†Bengal¬†and the¬†Indian subcontinent.

All over the country, foreign income in Europe, America, and the Middle East living in Sylhet immigrant. Sylhet is a huge combination of natural resources and beautification of land increasing the quality of life and increasing the population’s growing housing needs. So come forward RUPAYAN to fulfill huge human needs. Meet the housing needs of different places across the country, as well as long RUPAYAN Land Development Ltd is implemented in an attempt to Sylhet City.

Rules and Regulation


First come first serve basis on the plots sell.

The payment will be completed within 30 days after the booking money  for the one time payment.

30% payment will be completed within one month after the booking money for installment plot salling.

The check/ bank Draft/ pay order must be paid by the name of Rupayan Land Development Ltd.

The Plot will be transfer depending on your payment by the agreement and registration will be done.

Stamps documents, Duty, registration fees, VAT, documentation charges, and the other cost will carry on clients for registration and transfer of plots.

Location map of Rupayan Mohanagar

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